We're building an organisation for humanity's evolution

A "New Normal" 

At the heart of AWAKE is our intention to help bring about a new normal for human consciousness. One that unifies the world's of spirituality and self-development into a shared understanding and experience for all people to access.

This new normal defines the basis of our human experience, bringing us in touch with our most authentic nature and true human potential. 

What we believe


We believe there is a new consciousness that is emerging on our planet, one that is calling us to re-write how we lead our lives, businesses and communities. 

It's time to lead with heart, authenticity and in the full expression of our true life's calling. 

The AWAKE Foundation is here to re-write and re-define how we lead the way forward as men, women and businesses. 



There is a new consciousness in male leadership that is emerging. Previously, leadership in men has been about power and intellect.

The new leaders are those who have connected their heart, their voice, their genius and their power. They lead with authenticity, real courage and are genuinely serving the good of humanity.

These men are the one's who will truly change the world. 



Women are finding their true depth, opening to their emotional intelligence, sensuality, creative capacities and the unconditional nature of the feminine essence. They are powerful, creative, soft and wise. 



"The world of business has changed. It’s no longer about profit first, but purpose first.

Success is no longer measured in just dollars and market cap, but measured in impact on the world, authenticity and genuine love for a product or service.

A true business in the 21st century knows that the most joyful, impactful, profitable way to run an organisation is to leader with purpose, integrity and authenticity. 

They are here to serve the good of humanity, not just the good of those involved."

Official Launch - January 2019

We are officially launching in January 2019!

We are currently in beta-launch as we're still setting up our headquarters in the Netherlands, growing our team and directors board, as well as bringing in capital to ensure 'the roots are solid' before officially launching in January. 

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