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Times are changing and there’s a new consciousness emerging.

About AWAKE 

AWAKE is an organisation that has been created to support our rapid collective evolution by assisting people and businesses to lead with greater consciousness.

AWAKE founds, supports and partners with individual companies that all serve our collective evolution in their own unique way. 

We believe that a new consciousness is emerging. It's time to unify, collaborate and consciously evolve together. 



Unifying Worlds

One of our main focuses is on unifying the world's of consciousness, entrepreneurship and leadership.

We are about bringing a new approach to business, an unified access to one's own spiritual nature and a connection to one's own authentic leadership. 

Without a balance between these we continue to create separation in our society and remain disconnected from our true power as individuals and organisations. 

In unifying these world's within ourselves and our organisations we open up the possibility of truly accelerating our collective evolution and creating a beautiful future together. 


What We Do

AWAKE organisation is a business eco-system that holds multiple companies that all serve the same greater vision and hold similar values. These organisations unify to expand their own vision and create 'sharing based' business between one another. 

One aspect of AWAKE is a foundation that funds and mentors companies and ideas that are deemed to be most beneficial for our collective evolution.

We are constantly researching the process of how we can assist the awakening of individuals in more direct and effective ways. We also look at how businesses can be established and led with greater consciousness to affect greater impact. 

Our Business Eco-System

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Developing and supporting businesses that serve our collective evolution

A global education platform for men to become authentic, powerful leaders. 

We are officially launching in 2019!

We are currently in beta-launch as we're still setting up our headquarters in the Czech Republic, growing our team and directors board, as well as bringing in capital. 

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