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A Foundation for the Evolution of Humanity.

About AWAKE 

AWAKE is an organisation that has been created to support our rapid collective evolution by cultivating a new means to 

The vision of AWAKE represents a vision we believe is carried in the hearts of many individuals on this planet, and our intention is to share this vision with such clarity that allows you to recognise this as your very own vision. 

There is an enormous evolution taking place in both human consciousness and the structures of society, which is causing us to re-evaluate and redefine how we lead our lives, communities and businesses.

We founded AWAKE to directly assist this enormous collective evolution towards balance, harmony and unity.

The shift that’s happening right now on our planet is accelerating each day, and our outdated ways of relating, leading, thinking and being, simply no longer work for this new era.

If you're on this page, we assume that you have recognised this shift and are actively looking to play a part in assisting our evolving humanity.

What We Do

AWAKE organisation is a business eco-system that holds multiple companies that all serve the same greater vision and hold similar values. These organisations unify to expand their own vision and create 'sharing based' business between one another. 

One aspect of AWAKE is a foundation that funds and mentors companies and ideas that are deemed to be most beneficial for our collective evolution.

We are constantly researching the process of how we can assist the awakening of individuals in more direct and effective ways. We also look at how businesses can be established and led with greater consciousness to affect greater impact. 

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